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TRIOS 5 Wireless

Intelligent. The ultimate TRIOS

The intraoral scanner designed for an effortless scanning experience, next-level ergonomics, and improved hygiene.

Meet the 5th Generation TRIOS

This is the scanner that sets a new standard in patient protection and infection control. It is not only hygienic by design, but also smaller, lighter, and designed to fit perfectly in every hand. On top of that, it comes with our new ScanAssist engine for perfect scan results, and TRIOS Share, for ultimate connectivity. Simply hygienic. Simply ergonomic. Simply effortless. Simply TRIOS 5!

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Intelligent scanning

ScanAssist Engine

We worked hard on making scanning even simpler. At the heart of TRIOS 5 is our ScanAssist engine.

Its intelligent alignment technology for building up a 3D model results in precision scans, effortlessly and efficiently. Every time. So you can concentrate on providing the excellent care that makes your patients smile.

About the technology



digital representation of patient’s oral health

Our new scan engine avoids stitching errors by reconstructing and building up the 3D model while scanning.

Today, most intraoral scanner brands require you to use a scan strategy or protocol in order to ensure good data collection. You need, for example, to start with the molar occlusal surface because it helps you capture the right level of detail. Not following the scan strategy could lead to difficulties in properly stitching the 3D model together. This might result in the scan needing to be redone. We rebuilt our entire scan engine to remove that inconvenience.

Now, you can scan your patients in any direction you want and create a scan path that works best for you.

We care about a good scan experience. A few years ago, we automated the process for cleaning up the scan with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). With our new scan engine, we bring effortless scanning to a new level. ScanAssist ensures the 3D scan model that you generate is continuously updated with the latest information. As a result, alignment of the scan data will be close to perfect, and you will end up with a remarkably high-quality scan, no matter your level of experience with scanning.

You'll create great scans, effortlessly.


Effortless scanning

With five generations of experience up our sleeve, we know a thing or two about what makes or breaks a dental scan experience. With TRIOS 5, we've made scanning even smoother, faster and easier.

Calibration free

The scanner is calibration free, meaning you don’t need to calibrate after a certain number of scans. It's always ready to use!

LED to indicate readiness

A LED ring on the scanner indicates the status of the scanner: it tells you when it's connected, low on battery, or the tip is ready, for example. You'll know if you're scan-ready with just a glance.

Smart haptic feedback

Switching focus between patient and screen can be distracting. That’s why the scanner uses haptics – a subtle vibration – to give you feedback.

Remote control button

Use your scanner as a remote control. Point to the screen and use the button to select your next step or rotate the 3D model. There’s no longer the need to touch (and clean) the mouse.

Smart power management

When you're in the middle of a busy day in the practice, you want to keep going without needing to charge batteries. That's why we've further optimized battery life.

Scan up to 33 patients per battery*

When you don't use the scanner, it goes into sleep mode to save battery. It then reactivates when you pick it up again. Simply powerful.

*Data on file: test results and range

Battery charger

The charger has two slots. The third battery can stay inside the scanner for an entire day of scanning.

Ergonomic scanning

TRIOS 5 is our smallest and lightest scanner to date. Even better, this sleek, pen-grip scanner is perfectly balanced and made to fit comfortably in every hand. Including yours. It's the scanner that feels just right.

Compare TRIOS 5 with:

Hygienic scanning

TRIOS 5 sets a new standard for patient protection and infection control. We like to call it 'hygienic by design'. It’s easy to clean because it hardly has any openings or crevices. But you don't need to take our word for it: TRIOS 5 is FDA cleared, too. Let's take a look at what we did.

Sleeve for optimal cleanness
The ultra-thin, snug and near-invisible sleeve minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. It's one-time use – you put it on, scan and take it off when you're done scanning. It’s that simple.
Scratch-free sapphire glass
The window inside the tip is made of sapphire glass. What makes this material great? It’s scratch-free and heats up super-fast – ensuring your tip is scan-ready in seconds.
Sealed mirror
Inside the scanner, you'll find a sealed mirror. Because the mirror is enclosed, no dust or dirt can enter and affect the optics performance of the scanner.
Closed autoclavable tip
We've developed a closed, autoclavable tip. This means that the risk of cross-contamination between patient visits is minimized.

A great scan is just the beginning

When is a scan more than a scan? When it’s united with patient outcomes. 3Shape Unite is the workflow engine that unlocks a world of possibilities with your TRIOS scan.
Treatments made simple
Treatments are made simple from start to finish. With guided and straightforward workflows, efficient patient and case management and communication.
Dental apps made accessible​
Thousands of apps in the Unite Store give you the freedom to choose best-in-class solutions. Boost your work and collaborations with 3Shape, labs, and treatment providers.

What's included with TRIOS 5

TRIOS 5 comes with everything you need to start scanning right away. To explore additional accessories, go to our online configuration wizard.

Unboxing video

Scan equipmentIncludes the scanner itself plus 5 tips, a protection tip, and 100 TRIOS sleeves. The pod comes included, too.
Pod for placementA redesigned, super-stable pod allowing you to place your scanner from multiple angles.
Charging and battery Charger with country-specific power cable and 3 batteries.
Connectivity Wireless adapter, USB dongle with software, and a 3Shape subscription dongle.
InstallationFor direct installation help, the box contains a link to our online quick start guide.
banner with TRIOS 4

Learning, support and service

With TRIOS also comes after-sales care from the teams who have your goals in mind. Your onboarding and learning is continuously covered by 3Shape Academy and 3Shape Community. Your support questions are expertly covered by 3Shape Customer Care. And your investment is fully covered by the TRIOS Care service plan.


TRIOS 5 Specs




Size: pod diameter 11 cm
Weight: 380 g

Place your TRIOS 5 on the pod in any orientation while not scanning. The pod has been designed for easy cleaning and disinfection between patients for optimal hygiene.



Weight (incl. battery): 299 g
Light source: LED
Output format: PLY, DCM and STL
Scanner dimensions (LxWxH cm): 26.6 x 3.7 x 3.8
Tip dimensions (LxWxH cm): 9,5 x 2,26 x 1,95



  • TRIOS 5 wireless comes with three rechargeable batteries.
  • Battery dimensions (LxWxH cm): 7,7x2,17x2,42
  • Battery duration (non stop scanning): Instant heating and up to 66 minutes of continuous scanning per battery.
  • Scanner sleep mode: The scanner can stay in sleep mode with the battery inserted for more than 7 days.
  • Battery charging time: 60 minutes to achieve 80% battery power. Less than 2 hours to achieve 100% battery power.



  • Same room, up to 15 meters.
  • Scanning over WiFi possible with TRIOS Share.


  • 30% smaller and 20% lighter compared to TRIOS 4. Made to fit perfectly in your hand.
  • Introducing ScanAssist, providing you with easier scanning independent of scan strategy.
  • Improved battery technology, requiring only one battery per day.
  • Truly effortless: calibration free scanner.
  • LED ring and haptic feedback for better user guidance.
  • Two-button design for improved software navigation and scan analysis.
  • Autoclavable scan tips providing a microbial barrier on the scan tip.
  • Body sleeves to significantly reduce risk of cross contamination.
  • Closed tip design to avoid cross contamination.
  • Scanner body has been designed for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Read more about the making of TRIOS 5



The 3Shape TRIOS 5 IOS digital images are indicated for use in:

  • Restorations
  • Orthodontics
  • Implantology
  • Assessment of dental status


Which TRIOS is right for you?


TRIOS 5 wireless

Intelligent. The ultimate TRIOS.

•    Effortless scan technology
•    Next-level ergonomics
•    Hygienic by design
High accuracy
Realistic scan colors
Automatic scan clean-up
Print-ready model design
1000s of apps in 3Shape Unite
Patient engagement apps to boost case acceptance
Flexibility on full service or no subscription options
Full mobility with wireless scanning
Scan from every room, any time
Preventative care with Surface Caries Detection
Calibration-free scanning
Optimal-power battery charging
Energy-saving sleep mode
Scan Assist intelligent-alignment technology
Sensory feedback guides scanning
Next-level ergonomics: smallest and lightest TRIOS
Hygienic design, minimized cross-contamination

Advanced. Expanded potential.

•    2-in-1 wireless technology
•    Surface Caries DetectionCaries diagnostic aid for surface caries is not cleared for clinical use by the FDA in the USA.
•    Scan-ready in seconds
High accuracy
Realistic scan colors
Automatic scan clean-up
Print-ready model design
1000s of apps in 3Shape Unite
Patient engagement apps to boost case acceptance
Flexibility on full service or no subscription options
Full mobility with wireless scanning
Scan from every room, any time
Preventative care with Surface Caries Detection**
Smart tip calibration tracker
Plug in SmartCord for 2-in-1 wired option

Proven. An industry winner.

•    Proven technology
•    Invisalign connected
•    No-fee subscription option
High accuracy
Realistic scan colors
Automatic scan clean-up
Print-ready model design
1000s of apps in 3Shape Unite
Patient engagement apps to boost case acceptance
Flexibility on full service or no subscription options

What other dentists say

"TRIOS 5 is sleek, ergonomic, it scans quickly, beautiful images, which is what you are known for. Tremendous improvement from your last scanners,”
Dr. Robert Ritter, USA

How to buy?

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Release notes, FAQs, and more.

TRIOS Brochure


Free whitepaper: Hygiene in the dental clinic


ⓘ TRIOS 5 Wireless is not available in all countries. Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of TRIOS 5 Wireless in your region.
**The caries detection aid feature is not cleared by FDA for TRIOS 5 Wireless for clinical use in the US.